Trust Truth: It knows no lies

What do we know about truth?

Truth is raw, naked, unbiased, and consistent. It has the power to spread love or hate, create divisions or unity, make friends or enemies. It can sneak up on you, hide behind a mask or walk boldly into your life waving a banner and a  flag. No matter what its form or its timing, we can depend on truth to give it to us straight. But then, once we get to know truth, it’s up to us to take action in our lives … and that’s the hard part isn’t it?

Why is it so difficult to trust truth?truth-166853_640

Because we fear truth. And we fear truth because while it’s difficult to admit, there’s a part of us deep down inside that knows that once we can look truth in the face and accept it, then we have no choice but to make some changes in who we are and/or what we stand for if we want to live peacefully. And we might not be ready for that yet. We might need more time – sometimes a lifetime – to learn to accept truth. Truth is solid. We fear truth’s tug on our resolve and simultaneously respect it’s presence, that’s its there to light our way. We want to know truth but we push it away because we know that accepting truth means we’ll have to accept – and change – something about ourselves.

Getting to truth means change, which is not easy for many of us. It requires an ability to step out of the box where we’ve been comfortably sauntering through life, and start over in new, perhaps unfamiliar territory. This change can either be physical change – moving away, changing jobs, political parties or going back to school; or an emotional one – remarrying, ending a toxic relationship, seeking therapy for anger management, phobias or traumas. Change is the ultimate fork-in-the-road on our journey to truth. Change requires courage and a thick skin. When we’re able to take action to change ourselves, then we’ll no longer fear truth. And when we don’t fear truth, we’ll be able to accept it into our lives – regardless of when it comes or in what way it reveals itself to us.

Truth gives us wings. Accepting truth in our lives means that we can finally live peacefully without pretense. We can greet each day with loving hearts, forgiving hearts, hearts that now beat evenly without the stress of trying to avoid truth.

Truth has the power to heal. And couldn’t we all use some healing in our lives?

I welcome your thoughts!

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