Creamy Spiralled Sweet Potatoes

   When I was younger, living in my parents’ home and  then in my  own, I ate sweet potatoes in one of three ways: sliced and pan-fried; sliced, seasoned and drizzled with sugar then baked in the oven; or peeled, boiled and mashed for sweet potato pie. Back then, extra sodium and fat seemed to give foods that extra umph in flavor without expecting the food to then offer any kind of entertainment value. But these days, what with cutting down on sodium and fat for healthier nutrition options on my plant-based diet, at times I need an extra WOW! factor to entice me to want to eat the food – and that’s where my spiralizer comes in.

Creating a healthier “noodle”

I never realized just how heavy spaghetti noodles felt in my belly until I nixed flour from my plant-based diet. Nothing bothers me more than to eat a meal and then feel the meal just sitting in the pit of my belly – like it needed directions toward an exit route.. Flour-based foods have always done that – wheat included – but I wasn’t aware until I started 20181003_152332_film1isolating my food triggers. Now that I’ve got a spiralizer, who needs pasta!

Without a doubt, sweet potatoes  are the healthier choice over pasta with a laundry list of nutrients including: potassium, vitamin A, inflammation-fighter just to name a few. And when you turn them into corkscrew noodles, there’s that Wow! factor I was talking about! A boredom-busting, healthy-for-your-body, plant-based start for endless food combinations! Here’s one: Creamy, Spiraled Sweet Potatoes


Ingredients: 20181003_152220_film1

2 or 3 full-size ripe sweet potatoes, peeled

A handful or 2 of fresh kale

2 cups of peas (or your own veggie choice – any will do)

half an onion, chopped or sliced

Seasoning of your choice – I use Mrs. Dash’s garlic and herb, black pepper, and a few sprinkles of cayenne pepper


Spiral your sweet potatoes with a spiralizer (check out this one on Amazon) and set aside.

Stir fry onions, peas and kale in olive oil or use pan spray.  Add spiraled sweet potatoes and let cook until sweet potatoes soften. (See video below)


Now for the creamy!

  • Cashews – about 2 to 3 cups – soaked in water for at least six hours until soft.
  • Chick peas – One can or about two cups if you cook them from scratch. I usually drain mine of its liquid when I use the can and rinse them well

Process softened cashews and chick peas together – starting with about a half cup of water and adding to get desired sauce consistency.

Spoon sweet potato mixture onto serving plate and top with sauce. Delicious!



  • Be sure to pick sweet potatoes that are firm so that they will spiral well and won’t fall apart while cooking.
  • Sweet potatoes only need to cook until soft, but not mushy.
  • Any liquid is fine to add to cashew/chick peas while processing: I’ve used veggie stock, coconut milk, and  almond milk – all of which add to the creaminess and offer more flavor. Have fun with your seasonings! Your sauce will love it!





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