Spicy or Garlic-Flavored Popcorn: Clean Snacking

I know you’re probably thinking, “who even pops popcorn on the stove anymore?” Right? Ok, valid question. I mean, why take the time when we’ve got Orville, Jolly Time and all their colleagues to package it up all nice and pretty for us? Well, personally I’ve control issues. Because when I pay for all that packaged up popcorn, I’m paying for the extra salt, the extra calories, the added risk for higher cholesterol levels, blood pressure issues, extra fat on these thighs – UGH! Forget it! I’d rather make my own. It’s not hard, costs less and did you know that popcorn provides fiber that we all need? You see, it’s not popcorn in its natural state that blows our diets out of whack. It’s all that extra foolishness that we add to it: extra butter, extra salt and large quantities of it. I’m not saying you have to run right out and buy an air popcorn popper. I had one of those years ago. It irritated me so I threw it away. (I probably should have given it away but I didn’t want to be responsible for irritating somebody else.)

I prefer to pop my own popcorn in a frying pan with a little bit of oil. Sometimes I’ll add some popcorn salt – I don’t do this often though. My favorite seasonings for popcorn are garlic powder, Mrs. Dash’s Chipotle, or her spicy seasoning mix, and ummm did I mention garlic? ! Luuuuvvv it! I never add butter anymore. Somehow that image of grease coating my fingers during and after eating popcorn with extra butter just doesn’t appeal to me these days.

Popcorn is actually a healthy snack option. It contains fiber, which our bodies need for proper elimination and popping it myself gives me options that the packaged does not. I can control just how much salt and fat I add to my body and just how much I’m going to eat at any time. And if you’re pinching grocery pennies, check out the difference in price for one box with six full bags of popcorn verses one package of popcorn kernals. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Spicy or Garlic-Flavored Popcorn: Clean Snacking

    • Oh my gosh, it’s soooo good! And you’re right – I love hearing it pop! I always pop some for my grands when they come over, so that they can have the “old way” experience.

      Thanks for coming by veghotpot! And try the parmesan cheese! 🙂


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