About Me

Me with a helping of my homemade collard green wraps. Yum-yum. 🙂

I am a freelance health writer, specializing in nutritional health and physical fitness for 50-plussers.

I’m all about change; about growing; about recognizing what foods and current habits are working towards overall good health, and which ones aren’t helping. 

Eight years before I became a vegan, I was on a bus full of tourists on our way to a swamp tour down in New Orleans.

It was my first time in Crescent City, so I asked where a vegetarian like me could find meatless dishes.

Everyone had a good laugh at my expense when the bus driver quipped, “Down here we don’t eat to live, we live to eat.”

Since then, my eating regimen has switched from vegetarian to vegan, back to vegetarian – all in an effort to discover what foods work for and against my 50-plus body.

Now I’ve settled on a dairy/meat-free, plant-based diet, with a very low interest in most processed foods. In going through these transitions, I’ve learned a few things:

• Dairy foods cause inflammation that disappeared when I stopped ingesting them.
• The high sodium in processed vegan foods was just as unhealthy as a McDonald’s hamburger.
• Eating foods as close to their natural state as possible helped them to flow more easily through my digestive system.

It was liberating to discover what foods were actually helping/hurting me, and I want to help other 50-plussers discover that same freedom. 

I feel the same way about fitness.

I don’t believe that just because we’re older, that we have to give in to disease, living overweight, knee replacements, hip replacements, and living the same habits that we lived decades before.

Changing a bad eating plan to a healthy one that will sustain you for life can have such a productive impact on other aspects of your life.

That means ENERGY. More energy to actually work on the many me’s that I have vying for attention inside of me: the blogger me; the writer me; the fitness me; the yogi me; the artist me; the traveler me; the motorcycle me; and definitely the Nana/Mom me.

We can’t stop the numbers from going up. We’re going to get older.

But we can definitely control the quality of our lives as we do. 

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Vicki T. Lee