Kale Today; Health Tomorrow


How do you eat your kale?

When I was growing up, kale, collards or turnip-greens were pot-bound, submerged in water and seasoned with neck-bones, or other meats and salt. They were a fixture at every holiday meal and once a week, a generations-old tradition that I continued in my own household.  And it wasn’t just the cooking that made up the tradition but the preparation too.
In the African-American community, eating leafy greens like kale and collards involved buying five to ten pounds, then washing each leaf thoroughly before settling them into a pot to cook until the leaves were limp and had thoroughly absorbed the flavor of the meat and seasonings.
These days you can get deliciously flavored greens and preserve vitamins with just a few minutes stir-fried, raw in salad form, or juiced for a delicious smoothie!
The first time I tasted raw kale was at Wegman’s. They mixed kale with a garlic sauce and created a tasty dish, packed full of vitamins. I haven’t re-created that dish at home yet but I am thoroughly enjoying the kale-based juices and smoothies I make in my Magic Bullet.

For my Kale-Strawberry Smoothie you’ll need:

  • A fistful of kale leaves, rinsed, de-stalked;
  • Half an apple chopped into chunks;
  • One banana;
  • A palmful of frozen strawberries.
  • One orange, peeled

Add all the ingredients to one of your Magic Bullet containers. Then fill the container halfway with water and a few splashes of vanilla extract. Blend til ingredients are liquified and enjoy.


I welcome your thoughts!

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