4 Self-Care Habits You Can Sneak During Work

There’s nothing like having the mental and physical energy to go out, reach your goals, and conquer the world if you so choose. Urbandwellers has some great tips for re-charging your inner battery.


Self-care is the most valuable yet the most neglected aspect of adulthood.

Growing up, we are wired to believe that grades, community involvement, and careers are more important than our physical and mental health. Thus, we burn ourselves out because of overstimulation and repetitive tasks in our respective cubicles and workstations in Ayala Land Offices.

Millennials are the most stressed among the current generation. A study by American Psychology Association found that factors that influence financial statuses such as money, jobs, and the economy are sources of stress. The study also identified several symptoms of stress – from irritability to depression – all which can affect work performance.

To retain a sense of self when working under stressful situations, here are simple self-care habits to integrate daily and make you less stressed:

  1. Adopt a new mantra

    inspiration, goodness, great people, new day

The constant thoughts in your head become your reality over time. Is…

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