Bored foodie no more

You know, I love that I decided 24 years ago to cut meat out of my diet. I’ve never once regretted that decision, nor has a drop of meat touched my tongue. Ugh! Except once while out with a friend, he ordered the chicken quesadilla and I ordered the veggie quesadilla, and the waiter brought out two chicken quesadillas. I blamed the waiter for hearing what he wanted to hear, and myself for not looking at my food before I shoved one in my mouth. (I’m sure the Tequila had something to do with that) Anyway,  as a vegetarian I’m constantly looking for newer ways to showcase and enjoy the foods I love to eat. Enter my veggie-filled wonton wrapper cups.

Yep! I Said Wonton Wrappers!

Now don’t judge. I get bored stupid eating the same foods all the time. Because of my most recent nutritional venture away from vegan and into the land of clean-eating (unless I’m craving fresh-baked bread or pizza), processed foods are a no-no most times. And since I invited cheese back into my diet, I pick my times when I can have a creamy, cheesy pizza or shred cheese into my salads. So, if I want a bit of variety in my mundane veggie meals I have to think outside of the box a bit.

Wonton wrappers are great for creating a foundation for whatever filling you prefer. For these little beauties I had spinach leaves, veggie sausage, chopped carrots, onions, and bits of celery that I stir-fried in pan spray seasoned with garlic powder, Mrs. Dash Chipoltle seasoning, and black pepper. The wonton wrappers are packaged as squares. I placed two in each muffin tin cup and filled them with the stir-fried veggie mixture, then baked them in the oven until the wonton wrappers browned.

Delicious and Different

Simple to make, and great as an appetizer, or for a meal like I had them. Best of all though, the wonton wrappers offer a different way to eat the same veggies I’ve been eating without adding any complications. There are some awesome meatless recipes out there on food blogs and in cookbooks, but I don’t want a complicated recipe. I’m a drama-free foodie – give me the food without requiring that I spend an hour in the kitchen putting it together before I can eat it.


I welcome your thoughts!

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