Sweet and Crunchy Peanut Butter Energizers

You know, I’m all about eating foods that give me energy; and the older I get the more energy I seek.

Before I became a vegan, and even before my vegetarian days, I ate the way I was taught: three meals of substantial portions per day, with snacks in between. Ironically, eating like that every day didn’t affect any weight gain until I reached my late 20’s. Then, the metabolism that had carried me through started to wane. Eating like that now, at almost 52 years of age, would not only trigger my gag reflex but it definitely be a good marriage for my slower metabolism.

These days I seek meals that are smaller in portion, nutrient dense and multiplied by six times a peanut butter ballsday. Enter my Sweet and Crunch Peanut Butter Energizers. Two of these with a bottle of water, cup of coffee or your favorite drink would substitute as a protein-carb rich meal that will satisfy your sweet and crunchy cravings while filling your tummy. Try this recipe and tell me what you think.

Sweet and Crunchy Peanut Butter Energizers

2 and 1/2 cups of dry oatmeal flakes

1/2 cup of chopped cashews

1 cup of peanut butter

Brown Rice Syrup – I use Lundberg Family Farms Sweet Dreams brand

Cinnamon powder

1 cup of Rice Crispy cereal


Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix together until you can form them into medium-sized balls. Please keep in mind that the amount you use of each ingredient is completely flexible. Add more syrup for extra sweetness or more peanut butter to help the oatmeal flakes stick together.

Also, you can substitute the brown rice syrup for honey, molasses, or maple syrup.

I welcome your thoughts!

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