Unplugged: Tuning out to tune in

“Quiet! I can’t hear myself think.”

That used to be a phrase for people: a teacher with her students; a parent with children gabbing away. But not anymore. In my workbag I carry my laptop, a tablet, and my cellphone – each with their own responsibilities. My cell is not only for calls and texts, but it houses apps I use frequently: bank, Instagram, Spotify, FB, Digit, Google Duo and Words with Friends to name a few. My tablet is for reading: all my Kindle books and magazines are on there; all things Amazon: videos and shopping; and my WordPress app for minor interactions on my blog. And then my laptop for writing. For whatever level of communication or connection  I need, technology has made sure that I’m tuned in.

But there are times when it’s necessary for me to tune out of technology so that I can  hear myself think and be peaceful.

I’m an introvert, well let’s just say I’m more introvert than extrovert. I’m only an extrovert in spurts. 🙂 So my life is already introvert-friendly: I work the nightshift; I run; I write; I practice yoga: I create painted/sketched artwork; all activities that I usually do without talking – and I used to think that was all I needed. But I’m usually not unplugged when I’m doing any of these activities because I love music. So, be it Rock, R&B, Pop, Jazz, Country or Classical, I usually have something piping through my earbuds. Even when I lay down to go to sleep, I usually have a movie playing to fall asleep to.


So I decided to start scheduling times when I’m completely unplugged  – no music, television, or technology, eyes closed doing nothing at all for at least 10 minutes; then


Quiet time: No phone, no music, no tablet, no laptop. Tuning out of tech and tuning into me.

reading for at least 30 minutes. At first I thought scheduling time to do nothing was ludicrous. How hard could it be to make time for yourself? Well, if your mind is all over the place doing one thing after another like mine usually is, you already have the answer to that question. Life’s distractions are always there, waiting their turn to pounce.

Now I have certain times when I leave my phone and tablet on their chargers, close my laptop, and ignore the television remotes. Just the act of being still, of tuning into my inner self, of allowing my thoughts to just chill for a bit – no scrambling to see what thought will get attention first – settles my spirit and re-fires my energy.

Have you unplugged lately?

Peace and blessings

I welcome your thoughts!

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