Tofu-Couscous-Peanut Protein Wrap

I crave plant protein these days. Number one because I’m weight-lifting now, and working on building muscle while I work on my weight-loss journey. Number two because I’m a night shift certified nursing assistant who needs the filling qualities of protein so that I don’t eat my way through 12 hours. But the best reason is because there are so many delicious ways to get my fill of protein.

I like the tri-colored couscous, which is what I used in this wrap.

Now I knew that peanuts/peanut butter, tofu and quinoa contained high amounts of protein. But I didn’t know that I could add couscous to my protein list. Did you? Have you ever had couscous? It’s made from wheat and I like to use it as a rice substitute – not that it’s necessarily healthier than rice. In fact, except for the lower calories, healthy benefits of selenium and the six grams of protein per serving in couscous, rice has more nutrients per serving. But I still prefer the couscous – especially the tri-colored version – better in wraps.

Anyway, if you want a quick dinner, lunch, or even breakfast (food is food), this wrap is delicious, and the protein from three sources: tofu, peanut butter and couscous is sure to keep your belly from growling a few hours – a plus if you’re trying to lose a few pounds. Keep scrolling to see how to make this. Be warned! I’m not a measuring person if I can help it. I cook by taste. So while making the sauce, don’t be afraid to add more of what you like.

EXTRA FIRM TOFU: water squeezed out with tofu press, hands while wrapped in cheese cloth, or with something heavy sitting atop the tofu. Slice into chunks and stir fry in sesame oil (or any kind of oil)

I used one whole extra firm tofu block and sautéed it a bit before adding the onions and peppers. I had green bell peppers but red, yellow or even jalapeno will do. Plus you can also add chopped celery, carrots, frozen peas – Fill your wrap!


Any couscous will do. I just like this multi-colored variety because it adds a bit of color. 🙂 I like to cook for a couple of days so I made two cups of couscous and used most of it with the tofu.

Sautee onions and peppers with the tofu until tofu is browned. Add couscous; turn off heat.

Peanut Sauce

Now, once again, I don’t measure anything on these impromptu dishes I whip up. It’s all a matter of taste. In a bowl add: peanut butter, soy sauce, maple syrup if you have it (agave or honey if you don’t), minced garlic, cayenne pepper or hot sauce (or not. Your choice) Microwave for about a minute, just til the peanut butter melts. Stir, then pour in pan with tofu and couscous.

FORGOT TO TAKE picture of the sauce mixture. Oops! But that’s what was in that bowl. 🙂

Mix together and you’re done! It’s delicious as is or mix in some salsa before you wrap it up in a tortilla with spinach leaves!


I welcome your thoughts!

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