Strawberry-Cabbage Smoothie

Strawberry-Cabbage Smoothie

Have ever thought that cabbage would taste delicious in a smoothie? Years ago my Dad would blend cabbage and orange juice to drink after jogging; well for me it was after walking. I remember drinking the combo – not so much a smoothie – and thinking that I could probably do without it; yet it stayed in my head. I used my Magic Bullet for this EZ recipe and added a few ingredients but the concept is the same.
The mouth-watering benefit of this recipe is that, unlike my previous experience, with all the other headliners here, the taste of the cabbage fades into the background.

In your Magic Bullet, Nutribullet, or blender, throw in handfuls of:

  • cabbage
  • frozen strawberries
  • an orange – peeled and quartered
  • a banana
  • a fingernail chunk of ginger and …
  • a half cup of water. For extra flavor you can add splashes of vanilla or almond extract, limes or lemons.

Blend together until smooth or whatever consistency you like.

Strawberry-Cabbage Smoothie

Strawberry-Cabbage Smoothie

ENJOY! (How EZ is that?)


via PicsArt Photo Studio

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