Toothbrush: A tongue-to-cheek blurb

Ha! Wow!

This has to be the most insane moment of my life; sitting here at my writing table trying hard to think of something interesting to write about a toothbrush.

Perhaps I could write about the many different types of toothbrushes I’ve had over the years: soft, firm, electric. And the ones I would have loved to have, like that one from Oral B with blue tips on its brushes that turned white when it was time to get a new toothbrush.

Come to think of it, I do have a bizarre story about my mother – who used to hang her tongue out of her mouth and use her toothbrush to brush away the white coat layer that formed there. I’d stand in the doorway – a preteen, at first fascinated that I might pick up some tips to turn my own discolored teeth into the white as snow choppers she had. Then disgusted when the choking sounds started and she’d gag a stream of toothpaste and saliva into the sink. Was I concerned? No. She did this most mornings – brushing her tongue all the way to the back of her mouth. With the nauseating sound of choking echoing in my head, the only useful tip I walked away with was that brushing that close to my tonsils is a bad idea.

Then, let’s see, there is the notion of cleaning with a toothbrush that used to fascinate me. Every time I watched “An Officer and a Gentleman,” or  “Private Benjamin,” I wondered if it really is possible to clean my bathroom with a toothbrush like Richard Gere and Goldie Hawn did. Thankfully I’m not in the Army, my scrub brush works just fine, and senility has yet to turn my wonder into reality.

Since I’m into more arts and crafts now with my grandchildren, I’m pretty sure a toothbrush could be useful in an abstract painting. Or perhaps as a means to exfoliate my skin? Hmmm …. An electric/battery-operated toothbrush might work better but I’ll have to try it with my manual since having something vibrating in my mouth is less than appealing to me.

Well, what d’ya know about that? I DID have something to say about a toothbrush. 🙂



6 thoughts on “Toothbrush: A tongue-to-cheek blurb

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