Lollipop: Lil Wayne style

via Daily Prompt: Lollipop

National Lollipop Day! Oh yeah! I think I’ll treat myself! But doing it Lil Wayne-style conjures up images that seriously clash with my childhood/Halloween sweet treats of delicious flavors on a stick. Lil Wayne has his own version and prayerfully, I’ll never have to explain that version to my grandchildren.

The fact that I know about the song is quite enough, but not so far-fetched. See, at 55 I’m a Mother of three, a Nana of seven, and a lover of all things R&B, country, Pop, and Rap. And via Spotify, I get a taste of an eclectic choice of music, hence my knowledge of Lil Wayne’s Lollipop song. I love the music, and the beat fits perfectly with my walk/run routine. But the lyrics provoke an image of a sweet treat that um, well, fits in more with an adult mindset, than a child’s.

So, if you’re inclined to celebrate National Lollipop Day Lil Wayne style, protect yourself and have fun!

I think I’ll stick with the sweet-on-a-stick version.


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