Slimy Fun with My Grands

Clear glue plus Tide laundry detergent plus glitter equals slime?


News to me, and definitely not a project that I would have thought to do with my granddaughters so they (Angel and Miss Kaiere) get all the credit for teaching their little cousin Lyric and me how to make slime.

It’s really easy to make, although the one I helped Lyric make didn’t come out so well the first time. I seemed to have too much Tide and it took forever for the Tide and the glue to form a smooth consistency. We didn’t measure but you need more glue than Tide – perhaps a 3 to one ratio, and as much glitter as you like to get the color you want. I got it right the second time though!

Of course, being 55 and somewhat out of touch with the myriad of ways that a kid can spend their time doing absolutely nothing productive, the first question that popped into my head about making slime was, “WHY?” Why would anybody want to make slime, let alone sit around for hours on end squeezing, stretching, and re-shaping it? But I guess that’s equal to the Slinky that I’d send plopping down the stairs over and over; or the marble clackers that they finally banned. And let’s not forget Play Dough and my dolls who ended up bald because I spent so much time combing their fake hair.

So I guess making slime isn’t all that bad of a choice. As a kid, it’s not my first choice for fun, but as a Nana it gets top marks as an activity that my grands and I can do together.

I welcome your thoughts!

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