Ditch the excuses; Discipline for good health!

It’s almost 2020! A whole new year and a whole new decade (at least that’s what I thought until I read a Farmer’s Almanac article declaring that a new decade starts with a year ending in one and ends with a year ending in zero). Sorry, I digress. You can read the article here and decide for yourself.

Anyway, life is moving forward. We have new opportunities to work on our goals, improve our mindsets, and live our healthiest life, right?


In February of 2020, I’ll be 58 years old; and I want to be the strongest, most nutritionally diligent, physically fit 58-year-old that I can be – and I want that for you too whatever your age.

But even living a plant-based life, I still have my junk food weaknesses: Munchos – I’d love to hug whoever created those chips; Doritos – yes, you get a hug too; vegan cheese – yes it’s vegan, but also yes it’s processed, and yes I could probably eat my weight in vegan cheese.

My point is, (Sorry, I wandered again 😊), it’s OKAY! Eating healthy shouldn’t, and doesn’t, mean a torture session of giving up unhealthy treats for tasteless blunders. We CAN have both. And for the record, eating healthy definitely doesn’t mean plates of tasteless blunders.

Don’t believe me? Check out these Instagram accounts for some fabulous and deliciously tasty, healthy meals: @therawboy; @fruitmusclefitness; @veganfoodrecipes; @plantbasedben and @netocraves just to name a few.

In the mean time, we can eat our cake and still be healthy if …

… we commit to good health, ditch the excuses, and have a bit of discipline.

Below are a few excuses I’ve made myself and heard from others – plus solutions to correct the situations.

I have to have this ________ (fill in the blank) because I didn’t bring anything to eat.

My homemade flaxseed crackers with salsa. Salsa in a plastic container doesn’t need to be refrigerated and paired with flaxseed crackers (an excellent source of Omega 3’s and protein) makes the perfect break time snack or meal at work. 🙂
  • Solution: Pack a snack! I’ve been working at Amazon for three months now and I flat out REFUSE to give them back any of my salary by buying any of those absolutely delicious-looking snacks (oh my they look so good ) they have in both of their break rooms. I usually bring a bag of carrots and celery, and a couple of bite-sized, homemade peanut butter energy bars for our 15-minute break instead of trying to wolf down a meal. They fill me up and energize me without weighing me down. Winning!

I don’t have time to pack a snack or make a lunch. It’s easier to just pick up something on my way to work.

  • Solution: Work on changing your thinking PLEASE. Of course it’s easier. Fast food joints make their $$$ by making it easier, more convenient. But um, just for the record? They don’t give a damn about your health. They’re trying to make money. IT’S UP TO YOU; TO ME; TO ALL OF US. You work an eight-hour shift and get off at 5 p.m.; or a 12-hour shift and get off at 7 p.m  or 7 a.m. So, are you saying that between that time and your bedtime you don’t have a few minutes to throw a snack in a storage bag? Or slap together a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? I won’t judge you but, hmmmmmm …. I used to think I didn’t have time too, til I discovered how much I love the smell of coffee waking me in the a.m., and a snack prepared to throw in my work bag. We make time for what we believe is important. Make your nutrition important to you.

I need my cheese or bacon or potato chips or WHATEVER your favorite indulgence is.

  • Solution: Technically you don’t NEED it, but HAVE IT! I learned the hard way that denying yourself foods that you love makes no sense. And if you’re like me, you’ll just keep dreaming about those foods until you finally give in and eat more than you should. Eating healthy isn’t supposed to be painful. But we do need to use a bit of common sense. Go on and indulge! Forget all that guilt nonsense! It’s not a “CHEAT” day (at least not to me). You’re simply satisfying a craving – AND watching your portion size AND making sure you don’t satisfy too often. 😊 Right? (Tonight I had boiled potatoes with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. Yummm-meee!)

I REFUSE to become a vegan!

Whoo! Honey this meatless burger! Absolutely delicious! But with a sodium count of over 500 mgs. per burger, this is definitely a “once in a while” treat for me.
  • Solution: DON’T! PLEASE don’t! First, being a vegan is a personal choice. If you choose to abstain, more power to you. Second, if you think that being a vegan means indulging in all the processed vegan foods out there, not only are you misinformed but you are TOTALLY unhealthy! You might as well have remained a carnivore. Substituting vegan processed food for the animal-based foods you’re no longer eating, is NOT healthy! Check out the sodium content on the nutrition labels!! Vegan foods in a box, a jar, a package, or a can is still PROCESSED food – and processed food isn’t healthy no matter how you pretty up the label. Vegan foods that are the most healthy are foods in their most original state – veggies, fruits, beans, legumes, potatoes – foods that haven’t been processed in some way. Now I’m not saying don’t go get yourself a Beyond Meat Burger once in a while (I sure do!); but make it ONCE IN A WHILE; not every day if you want a healthier nutrition level. 😊

Here’s to a healthy 2020 beginning!!!

I welcome your thoughts!

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