No to Keto; I’d rather run!

I was curious about the pill. I bought the pill. I took the recommended dosage. I dropped the pill.

What pill? Keto Rapid Max. I had no proof that it wasn’t working. I didn’t feel any negative effects from it to make me want to stop. So why did I stop taking the pill instead of giving it a chance?

Because when I asked myself WHY I needed the pill, I couldn’t come up with an answer that made sense.

I was already working out: weight training twice a week at the gym; running three times a week; yoga every day; and a plant-based eating plan. I’d lost weight a few years ago with this same regimen minus the weight training. Just eating right and running. And it felt GREAT! I ran at least four times a week at least 3 miles each time – most times squeezing in more mileage to total my running time at 20-25 miles per week. And I LOVE to run!

So why did I decide to try this Keto pill?


Because of my work schedule I wasn’t running as much so, I was seeing sloooowwww results with my current workout plan and I wanted to see faster results. I wanted to be at my prior fitness level like NOW! So much so that I forgot about my stance that I would never try anything related to Keto. I understand the concept when you’re doing it the natural way: cutting carbs to force your body into a state of ketosis where you burn fat for fuel instead of carbs. That was definitely NOT something I’d ever do because I believe that some carbs in moderation have essential nutrients that our bodies need. So, enter this pill which is supposed to help your body burn fat for fuel without giving up the fruits I love and depend on for other nutrients.

But my internal voice wouldn’t let me stick with Keto even though it’s highly praised in the celebrity world – much to the disapproval of Jillian Michel’s – as a workable solution to losing weight. I agree with Jillian’s point of view because I’ve lived it: BALANCE. Eating well and moving your body does work. And what’s more, for me, it makes much more sense for a longer period of time.

I kept asking myself: Could I depend on a Keto diet for a long term? My answer: Hell no! No fruit? No potatoes? No bread? Now bread and potatoes are foods I limit in my eating plan because of the flour in breads which seems to just lay in my belly, and the starch in potatoes which turns to excess sugar if eaten too much. But none of these items EVER? (serious eyeroll here)

It’s not a natural enough plan FOR ME to stay with long term. I’m not a vegan but I eat like one for the most part: no meat, meat-based, eggs or dairy foods in my eating plan, and that works for me long term. Although I don’t flip-flop with meat or dairy cheese or milk (those foods my body just doesn’t need anymore), there are some foods – junk mostly 🙂 – that I want to have the freedom to choose sometimes like Nacho Cheese Doritos ahhhh! The cheese in that doesn’t bother my belly with my once a month indulgence. Or once in a blue moon, roasted marshmallows with my grandchildren.

So, I satisfied my curiosity. Bought the pill. Took the pill. But the pill just isn’t for me. I’ll just have to work on improving my impatience.

Or put some mileage on my running shoes. 🙂

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