No diets: Loving My Monthly Indulgence 


Chinese Szechuan Bean Curd, yum-meee

I should cut certain foods out of my diet.

Well,  I did that already: No meat,  no pasta, a limit on processed food, and bread only when my grandchildren are coming over.

And I should say a loud NO! to my screaming cravings.

But WHY? I’m blessed at 55 years old to be fairly healthy so far.  Thankfully my daily food intake isn’t raising my blood pressure,  causing diabetes or adding more fat than my body can handle.  Although, my size small uniforms would probably fit if I would nix my indulgence.  😊 Mediums will have to do.

So, for now,  I’ll keep my once-a-month indulgence policy.

Am I cheating?  Absolutely not because first of all I think the concept of dietary cheating is preposterous.  It creates guilt! And why should I,  or you for that matter,  feel guilty just because we eat something we like? And second of all,  even if I believed in allowing guilt into my life,  I’m not dieting remember? I can eat whatever I want,  whenever I want.

My monthly indulgence is a self-imposed restriction that works for me. And because it’s self-imposed with no guilt,  I stick to it much better than any diet.

Once a month I allow myself to eat whatever foods, except meat,  that I’ve nixed from my daily dietary intake because it has too much salt, fat, or sugar.  Chinese food – particularly the Szechuan Bean Curd – is usually my indulgence of choice,  with home-baked bread following a close second.

Limiting myself to once a month limits my salt intake considerably since I don’t indulge in salty foods on a daily basis.

Do you have a dietary indulgence that you just love?

I welcome your thoughts!

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