Step-by-stepping into art

There aren’t too many things that are more satisfying for me than the challenge of creating something from nothing: a story from a blank screen; a blanket from yarn and a hook; and more recently step-by-step drawing. 20170409_184558-2

I used to sketch when I was a teen, mostly images from the Britannica Encyclopedia, and it was fun. My favorite attempts were of horses. (No clue why) But when my Aunt Vivian taught me to crochet, and I got interested in writing, drawing took a back seat.

But I’ve always loved to re-create what I see, and now that I’m a private duty caregiver, with plenty of sitting hours in a 12-hour work period, I look for ways to busy my idle hands when I’m not tending to my patient. Enter Google Play step-by-step drawing apps that I can pull up on my phone. 20170409_211843

Now I’ve never been good with getting the detail totally right on my prior drawings, which is what’s so good about the step-by-step drawing concept, particularly the realistic drawing apps that focus on shading techniques to bring your drawings to life. It’s unbelievably crazy how just a bit of shading here and there can create an authentic-looking teardrop, or give a sphere a 3-d effect.

It’s a weight-control tool

There’s no question that keeping my hands busy is therapy for my mind. Spending hours trying to get a drawing just right gives me a sense of accomplishment that I’m honing a skill – something that I’ve never had formal studies for. But the other part of that is, when my hands and mind are focused on the minute details of perfecting a drawing, snacking all night long at work flies right outta my head! 20170617_040957

Huge plus!

Now Van Gogh I’m not, but step-by-step drawing definitely keeps my hands busy creating.

I welcome your thoughts!

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